Nitrogen fertilization 2019

The third dose

Along with the third dose of fertilization, applied in most regions of Poland in the second half of May, the nitrogen fertilization of cereal crops in the 2019 season has ended. The third dose (also called the qualitative dose) in the case of winter wheat is quite a common practice. The FertiSat service allows continuous monitoring of the crops’ condition, which significantly helps in deciding whether to apply the third N dose. A number of factors should also be taken into account, including the crop density and plants’ condition, weather forecast, as well as the amount of nitrogen already used for a given crop during the season. Application maps offered by the FertiSat service enable variable rate fertilization for all doses, including the last one.

The upcoming harvests will allow for evaluation of this year’s fertilizing treatments. We use this opportunity to wish all farmers a successful harvest!

Published: June 3, 2019