The third dose of nitrogen

application in wheat

There is no doubt that new technologies change the way of agriculture. According to survey research made among European farmers, some of them already use or are willing to use new fertilizing recommendations based on Internet applications or special on-line platforms. The new way of using fertilizers is extremely important especially in difficult seasons, when the impact of both soil condition and weather strongly affects the condition of plants.

The aim of the third dose of nitrogen application in winter wheat is to optimize the yield and have positive impact on grain parameters. However, applying that practice is rational only when soil moisture is right. Dry weather in April has visibly diversified the condition of plants. That is why it is crucial to properly adjust the amount of nitrogen fertilizers to the direct field zones. The majority of winter wheat has already reached GS 39 (flag leaf blade all visible) or is in the beginning of ear emergence. That is the right moment to feed the plants with the third dose of nitrogen fertilization.

Using the functionalities that Fertisat app offers is highly recommended and can be very useful. The app was created and developed by the best Polish experts in agronomy and remote sensing technology. One of the main functionalities is monitoring the condition of plants, which provides the user with the information concerning the NDVI indication on the field. The higher the index value gets, the better condition of the plants is - they are more active while photosynthesis. This information is crucial to create precision application maps. While using Fertisat app a farmer can easily generate professional application maps that can be used for the third dose of nitrogen fertilization. The special algorithm enables combining the right fertilization dose with the current condition of the plants. It automatically increases the dose for plants that are in good shape and therefore are able to fully use the fertilizer. At the same time the system reduces the dose for weaker ones that are not likely to effectively take up and use nitrogen. Using variable rate application enables not only to succeed in generating savings but it improves both crop yield and quality.

Fertisat service has prepared a special offer for the new users - vouchers that enable generating an application map for one field up to 50 ha. If you are interested and want to test our solution, let us know and send an email to:


Published: May 26, 2020